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About the Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce (GVACC) is “Influencing Vail’s Future.”

This is a tagline we don’t take lightly. We’re actively working on our mission of “connecting businesses and community to grow, serve and enrich the greater Vail area.” To do this, GVACC hosts monthly and annual events where members can shake hands with people in the community. We’re regularly bringing in influencers from around Arizona to share the current conditions and direction of the state. And, we’re a strong voice in the greater Vail area, helping foster a healthy community where the economy, the schools and our rich history thrive.

Look below to learn about how GVACC is getting plugged into and helping shape the future of our town.


Our Story

Like many chambers, GVACC had humble beginnings. Since inception, the goal has been to create an environment that supports the economic development of the greater Vail area. This means we’re more than a networking club, although that’s a part of what we do. We’re advocates for the business growth in and around Vail, Arizona. 

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Vail’s Story

Vail is known as “the town between the tracks.” This area has grown tremendously since its days of serving as a stopover to the railroad workers. Today, it's bustling with new business and residential development. Although Vail is still considered small, our town is rich with history. Read Vail’s history as told by the Superintendent of the Vail School District, Calvin Baker.

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The Board of Directors

GVACC leadership is made up of one staff member and a volunteer board of directors. Executive Director, Michelle Harrington oversees the day-to-day operations. The board of directors meet once a month to discuss pressing matters, vote on chamber business and spur the forward momentum of the chamber. Learn more about the various positions on the GVACC board and the background of each person serving. 

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Chamber Committees

Committees are the lifeblood of GVACC. Without volunteer help, we’re not able to put on annual events, programs and raise money to support the greater Vail community. The committees at GVACC are interactive, fun and provide unique relationship building opportunities. Learn more about these committees and the role each one serves here.

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Monthly News

Each month, we publish a newsletter to share what’s happened in the chamber over the last month. Check out the current monthly newsletter and past editions here.

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