Explore the Vail, Arizona Community

Vail is where memories are made, careers come to life and nature takes center stage. 

The catalyst for people to move to Vail is the environment surrounding our town. As the gateway city to the  Arizona Trail and home to Colossal Cave Mountain Park, the natural beauty of Vail attracts people from all over the world. The desert is a part of Vail’s culture.

Still, as much as Vail embraces and respects the rural lifestyle, we’re prime for growth.

Vail is Filled With Promise and Adventure

Today, we are excited about the direction of this town. People continue to move to Vail with the promise of protecting the surrounding natural beauty and supporting the inevitable growth of the region. Explore the greater Vail area and you’ll soon see why.

Look closely at the renowned Vail School District and you’ll see the promise of a strong future. The students and teachers of this district make us proud with their continued hard work. That’s why every year, the Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce rewards some of the top performers and community members with scholarships.

Visit local businesses and you’ll hear stories of hope and growth. Vail is filled with small businesses and startups. It’s here that people see potential and actively work to make the community a greater place to live. From large chains to local contractors, landscapers, marketers and tech companies that operate out of their home, there is a wide variety of businesses that support this area.

Immerse yourself in the stunning environment and you’ll soon find why so many people are drawn to Vail’s beauty. From a trip through Colossal Cave to a hike through the flowing Cienega Creek, you’ll connect with desert living in ways you never dreamed possible. You might even see the occasional bobcat or buck.

The Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce is Influencing Vail’s Future

Vail is a flourishing town with some of the highest per capita household incomes. The housing developments continue to grow as more people are drawn to Vail's bright future. It is the Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce’s goal to steer the continued growth in a way that honors the dual purpose people moved here - for the rural lifestyle and close proximity to modern day amenities.

We operate under the tagline, “Influencing Vail’s Future,” because we want to have an impact on the direction of the community we hold so dear to our hearts.

To accomplish this, we’re:

  • Building relationships with other influential organizations in the community;
  • Bringing together circles of groups to openly share and discuss Vail’s future;
  • Working closely with community members to always keep a strong pulse on the wants and needs of Vail’s residents;
  • Actively working to attract more businesses to the area who will continue to honor the rich history and rural lifestyle we currently enjoy.

Whether you’re visiting Vail for the first time or are a long time resident looking ways to help our community flourish, the Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce is here to help.